Application Spotlight

Jacketed Railcars Borescope Inspection

A railcar company, headquartered in Chicago, purchased a our articulating video borescope to inspect railcars that carry oil and gas. Inspections of these tank cars is required by law. Jacketed cars receive an application of insulation or thermal protection over the tank exterior followed by an outer metal jacket. Metal jacket, insulation, and in some case primer, rust, and exterior corrosion create a very poor inspection surface. Jacket and insulation have to be completely removed from the inspection areas or inspection ports have to be cut in the jacket and remote visual methods have to be used. The ViewTech Dual Camera articulating video borescope has been a great addition to the railway maintenance team allowing them to save time and money with remote visual inspection.

Download the ViewTech Borescopes Dual Camera brochure for more information.

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