The willingness to send me a free demo camera really showed me you were proud of your product and you were not afraid to let me put it to the test. Well done!

Andy M. – Field Supervisor @ ECS Technical Services

Borescopes for the Manufacturing Industry

With US headquarters located in Michigan, the automotive capital of the world, ViewTech has a unique understanding of the importance of quality control and process management in the automotive sector. Our VJ-Series of video borescopes are saving QC managers and technicians time and money at all of the major auto manufacturers and many tier one and tier two suppliers.

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Keep Your Production Line Running With the New VJ-4

Minimize downtime and find potential problems before they require costly down-time.

VJ-Series Borescopes – Top Choice for Automotive Manufacturers

As cars and trucks become ever more advanced and complicated, the importance of remote visual inspection (RVI) of subassemblies, modules and finished components becomes even more critical. The VJ-3 and VJ-4 video automotive borescopes can help automotive factories at every level save time and money – and improve quality – by identifying faulty or out of spec parts before they get integrated into a larger system.

Versatile Solutions for Manufacturing – Test Drive the VJ-Series of Borescopes

Don’t wait for an expensive recall to integrate ViewTech’s VJ-Series of video borescope into your QC or manufacturing process. We’ll ship you a no-obligation demo unit so that you can see for yourself how this groundbreaking video borescope can help lower your costs and improve the quality of your product.

Success Story

Over 15 Years of Experience

The ViewTech Borescopes team was established in 2008 with the goal of bringing affordable, high-quality video borescopes to the market.

The Borescope You Need to See

Here are a just a few manufacturing clients that rely on ViewTech Borescopes for their visual inspection needs.

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