Save Time and Money by Performing Regular Visual Inspections

Our industrial quality video borescopes are designed to take the abuse of working in the field.

Borescope Applications – Heat Exchanger Inspections

The efficiency of your boiler tubes or heat exchanger can be adversely affected by corrosion, pitting, loose debris, or leakage. The VJ-Series articulating video borescopes allow visual inspection of the interior condition of your heat exchanger, regardless of the configuration. Additionally, because our borescopes have on-board photo and video capture capability, it’s easy to obtain a visual record of the condition of your heat exchanger and monitor the condition over an extended period. These capabilities allow you or your customer to gauge the best time to take corrective action or estimate the remaining useful life of the equipment.

For more information regarding the VJ-Series Video Borescopes for Heat Exchanger and Tubing Inspections, click here: VJ-Series Video Borescopes for Heat Exchangers & Tubing

Regular Borescope Inspections Ensure Uptime

Don’t wait until you have a serious problem to inspect the condition of your heat exchanger. Visual inspections, at regular intervals, are the only way to ensure that this critical part of your manufacturing or power-gen operation won’t let you down. Preventive maintenance, including remote visual inspection, is always more economical than waiting for a failure and then hoping the unit can be salvaged.

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