Unsure Your Diesel Engine Is Always Running at It’s Best?

Routine visual inspections can save on costly repairs down the road.

Remote Visual Inspection of Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are used to power everything from a small water pump at your local nursery to a 1,000’ freighter plying the world’s oceans. For reliability, efficiency, adaptability and long life, nothing beats a diesel.

VJ-Series Borescopes for Routine Inspections & Maintenance

Routine maintenance is critically important in ensuring that a diesel engine reaches the upper limits of its useful life. The VJ-Series video borescopes are a great addition to the diesel technician’s took kit, saving considerable time and expense in conducting a visual inspection of the combustion chamber of large diesel engines.

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The ViewTech Borescopes team was established in 2008 with the goal of bringing affordable, high-quality video borescopes to the market.

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