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Borescopes for Corrosion Inspection

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers puts the estimated annual costs of corrosion at $276 billion. While this figure is staggering, it is not all that surprising. Considering that virtually any metal structure or piece of equipment that comes into contact with the air and water is subject to oxidation.

Corrosion Affects Many Industries

Corrosion affects nearly every industry but is especially harmful in industries such as power generation, aviation, chemical processing, oil and gas exploration and extraction, refining, and food and beverage processing. In all of these industries and many more, the VJ-3 and VJ-4 video borescopes are proving useful as a cost-effective way to monitor and help mitigate the damaging effects of corrosion. That’s because the VJ-Series allows a technician to see inside critical components without costly and time-consuming disassembly. With features such as joystick-controlled camera articulation and built-in image capture capability, problem areas can be easily pinpointed and visually monitored over time.

Use the Right Tools for Corrosion Inspections

For help in your ongoing battle against corrosion, we invite you to sign up for a no-cost, no-obligation demo program. Our articulating video borescope will be shipped to your facility for free. Do your inspections, and then decide whether or not to buy – it’s that easy!

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