Case Study

Automotive Engine Inspection

Automotive Engine Remote Visual Inspection

Headquartered in Michigan, the heart of the US automotive industry, we are proud to offer a video borescope that helps ensure the quality, safety and reliability of cars and trucks. Our scopes are in use at every major auto manufacturer and dozens of tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, saving time and money in QC, production and process machine maintenance.

While automotive industry applications for the VJ-Advance borescope are nearly unlimited, in the following case study, the borescope was used to save an auto repair technician after a mishap that could happen to anyone. After this tech used a breaker bar to remove a spark plug on a Chrysler 3.8 L V6 engine, examination of the plug revealed that its ceramic body had been cracked and tiny pieces were missing. While some of the pieces were found on the cylinder head plug seat, only a visual inspection of the combustion chamber could determine whether any shards had fallen in through the spark plug hole.

The 6.9mm diameter insertion tube of RF System Lab’s VJ-ADV video borescope fit easily through the spark plug hole, and the VJ-ADV’s 4-way joystick articulation control allowed the technician to aim the camera and zoom in on the missing pieces of the spark plug. While inside the combustion chamber, the technician did a full inspection of the piston dome, cylinder walls and valves, documenting the condition of each component using the built-in image and video capture capabilities of the VJ-ADV video borescope.