Case Study

Aircraft Engine Remote Visual Inspection

Aircraft Engine Remote Visual Inspection

An aircraft MRO center was in need of an easy to use borescope for use in a wide variety of applications on both turbine and piston powered aircraft. The VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) from RF System Lab was selected because of its unique combination of features and very competitive price. Using the VJ-ADV, technicians are now able to conduct engine and airframe inspections quickly and easily, documenting with pictures and video the condition of any internal component or inspection target. Our latest iteration, the VJ-3 mechanical articulating borescope has become a standard tool for use during annual inspections, pre-buys, and diagnostic or repair work.

The MRO has also found that aircraft owners are more willing to approve recommended repair or maintenance work when they have a visual picture of the condition being addressed. Using before and after photos, each repair is well-documented, ensuring owner satisfaction and aiding record keeping for insurance and liability purposes. The features included in our borescope design make our newest borescope, the VJ-3, ideally suited for all aspects of aviation maintenance work where remote visual inspections are required. Whether it is for turbine engine inspections or internal combustion engine inspections, for helicopter maintenance, jet maintenance or propeller plane maintenance, our borescopes are workhorses.

Aircraft Engine Borescopes With Articulation

With four way articulation and an easy to use joystick control, the VJ-ADV allows mechanics and inspectors to have an incredibly easy task when performing remote visual inspections of aircraft engines. The clarity and size of the LCD display provide a sharp, clear picture throughout the entire inspection process. The ability to do still image captures and videos makes further examination, documentation, and assessments very easy.

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) anywhere within an aircraft maintenance facility, or on a flight line, is not a problem with the VJ-ADV because it is battery powered, completely portable, and lightweight.