Case Study

Industrial Pump Inspection

Industrial Pump Remote Visual Inspection

An industrial pump service and remanufacturing company had two goals in mind when they went shopping for a borescope. First, the scope had to be easy to use and portable enough to take on service calls. Second, it had to have four-way camera articulation in order to steer navigate the pipes and small through-holes that are commonly found in industrial pump applications. They found exactly what they were looking for with the VJ-ADV from RF System Lab. Not only is the VJ-ADV one the most portable video borescopes on the market next to our latest VJ-3 borescope, its joystick-controlled four-way articulation allows the user to easily steer the camera through any series of bends and internal ports.

As an added bonus, this company found that when they were able to capture images of problems with the equipment, their customers were much more willing to agree to the recommended repairs. Taking before and after pictures has improved documentation and gives customers peace of mind, knowing they got their money’s worth on the repair job.

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RF System Lab was established in 2008 with the goal of bringing affordable, high-quality video borescopes to the market.


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