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VJ-3A Dual Camera Video Borescope System Settings Menu

VJ-3A Dual Camera Video Borescope System Settings Menu

VJ-3A Dual Camera Video Borescope System Settings Menu Video on YouTube

With your ViewTech VJ-3A Dual Camera Video borescope, two different sets of menu functions are present: The System Settings Menu and the On Screen Left Function Menu. This brief video will review the functions that are located within the System Settings Menu of your ViewTech video borescope.

To begin, while in photo or video mode, press the Menu Key to access the System Settings Menu. The System Settings Menu has 8 different settings: Language, Date & Time, Power Save, Date Stamp, Reformat SD Card, Reset All, About and Firmware Update.

The Language menu option is used to set the display language on the borescope. You can select between English, Spanish, or French by using the up or down key and then the menu key to confirm.

The date and time menu setting will be where you can set date and time, along with the display format. To make changes, use the left or right adjustment keys to move between month, day, year, time, and format. Then use the up and down keys to change the highlighted selection. While the time will always be a 24-hour clock, or military time, you are able to choose between 3 different date formats. Push the back key or menu button to return to the previous menu.

With the power save menu option, by adjusting the automatic shutdown, you can conserve the battery life of the borescope. Use the up or down key, followed by the menu key to choose between having this feature off, or if the borescope is idle for 1, 3, or 5 minutes, it will automatically power down.

The next menu option, date stamp, allows you to use the up or down key to select if you would like the date or time stamp to be displayed on all inspection photos and videos. Use the menu key to select if you prefer to have this feature turned off, only the date displayed, or both the date and time visible.

When selecting Reformat SD Card, you are given a yes or a no option. By selecting yes with the menu key, you will reformat the SD card and any inspection photos or videos that had been saved on the SD card will be erased and not able to be restored. By using the down key to move to “no” and press the menu key, you will be directed back to the previous menu screen.

After selecting the Reset All Option, by pressing the menu key to choose yes, you will restore all system data to the original factory settings. Moving the down key to no and pressing the menu key will return you to the previous menu screen.

Finally – the last two options, About and Firmware update menu, you will not use. The about menu option displays the software version and FW (firmware) update menu option is available for the manufacturer to update the system software.

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