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Video Borescope New 4th Quarter Clients Announced by ViewTech Borescopes

Clients Include ViewTech’s First VJ-3 UV Borescope Customer

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – With companies becoming more aware of the benefits associated with using a video borescope for remote visual inspections (RVI) and nondestructive testing (NDT), ViewTech Borescopes has announced the addition of several new clients that utilize their VJ-3 articulating video borescope. With a strong emphasis being placed on RVI and NDT throughout Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Aviation, Automotive and Manufacturing industries, ViewTech reached a record number of sales to end 2019. A selection of ViewTech’s newest VJ-3 clients include AAR Aircraft Services, Apollo MedFlight, Greenville Electric Utility System and H&S Inspection Service, Inc.

ViewTech Borescopes has many clients throughout the aviation industry and now two AAR Aircraft Services locations are utilizing several VJ-3 6.0mm video borescopes. Kevin Scott, Manager of Tooling & GSE for AAR Aircraft Service’s Indianapolis location, stated the VJ-3 was “exactly what we’ve needed” when completing their aircraft pickle fork inspections. AAR provides world-class aviation inspections and services on a diverse range of aircraft platforms including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.

Another new aviation client, Apollo MedFlight, now utilizes a VJ-3 3.9mm x 1.5-meter video borescope. Apollo MedFlight’s Director of Maintenance, Travis Lamance, had the opportunity to compare a ViewTech video borescope on demo, along with a competitor’s video borescope. After using the two different scopes side-by-side, ViewTech’s video borescope completed their inspections with positive feedback. Apollo MedFlight provides 24-hour emergency and non-emergency air medical transport throughout the world. The critical importance of gearbox, turbine and aircraft inspections requires tools and instruments that are up to the task, and Apollo Medflight feels confident that the VJ-3 meets the standard.

Greenville Electric Utility System (GEUS) experienced their first mechanical articulating video borescope when ViewTech’s 6.0mm x 5.0-meter no-cost demo arrived onsite for their Operations & Maintenance Planner, Jason Roberts. Having previously used more basic, non-articulating scopes, with the VJ-3 video borescope at their facility, GEUS noticed the difference immediately when completing heat exchanger and boiler tube inspections. GEUS, a community-owned public power and electric utility company, serves more than 14,000 electric customers in the Greenville, Texas area.

Michigan-based nondestructive testing contracting company, H&S Inspection Service, Inc. (HSI), was among the first to demo and take ownership of ViewTech Borescopes new VJ-3 Ultraviolet (UV) video borescope. The company had to previously decline certain NDT jobs due to not having a UV borescope at their facility. Matthew Virzi, President of HSI, was so impressed with ViewTech’s UV scope that it was purchased within days of arriving onsite. HSI was founded over 55 years ago and is geographically positioned to provide NDT and passivation services to manufacturers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

VJ-3 Video Borescope
The VJ-3 mechanical articulating video borescope is a nondestructive visual testing instrument used for the remote visual inspection of machinery, equipment and components. The VJ-3 facilitates the visual recording and photo documentation of an inspection and components in areas that are otherwise inaccessible or require great effort and expense to access directly. The VJ-3 consists of two modules integrated into one system: an insertion tube with distally mounted camera/LEDs, and the base unit with control panel, LCD monitor, power source and all necessary circuitry.

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