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ViewTech Borescopes 2nd Quarter Sales Begin with New VJ-3 Video Borescope Clients

Newest VJ-3 Users Include Jamaican Heavy Equipment Distributor and Missouri-based Nondestructive Testing Laboratory

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – With some industries being allowed to return to near-normal operations, ViewTech Borescopes started their second quarter of sales with the VJ-3 video borescope being utilized for a variety of remote visual inspections throughout North America. ViewTech highlights the addition of two of their newest clients who added a ViewTech borescope to their inspection tool kit: IMCA Jamaica Limited and St. Louis Testing Laboratories.

IMCA Jamaica Limited, a distributor of Caterpillar and John Deere equipment, required a borescope for combustion area inspections inside reciprocating gas engines. ViewTech Borescopes advised their VJ-3 6.0-millimeter x 1.5 meter would be able to fill their heavy equipment inspection needs. With their new ViewTech video borescope arriving onsite quickly, IMCA’s Service Manager, Ricky Brooks, stated the VJ-3 video borescope “works extremely well” and they had already put it to use on 6 engines.

When St. Louis Testing Laboratories competitive brand of video borescope required an expensive repair, they sought a new borescope for weld inspections. As an independent commercial testing laboratory, St. Louis Testing Laboratories specializes in a variety of nondestructive testing (NDT), including chemical, environmental, mechanical, coating and electronics. Their NDT Department Coordinator, Daren Larose, made the decision to switch to a ViewTech VJ-3 Dual Camera video borescope. ViewTech’s newest video borescope, the Dual Camera, was suggested as a solution to improve their current inspection process. With not only a forward-facing camera, but also a 90-degree side view camera, inspection times are reduced with the VJ-3 Dual Camera.

In addition to beginning their second quarter of borescope sales, ViewTech Borescopes now offers many VJ-3 video borescope tips and helpful hints in the form of short videos online. Topics range from ViewTech borescope models for sale to cleaning your video borescope to accessories included with your VJ-3 video borescope purchase. Videos can be viewed on ViewTech Borescopes website or on their YouTube channel at

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