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ViewTech Borescopes February 2020 New Video Borescope Clients Announced

TRAVERSE City, Mich. — With the use of video borescopes increasing as a form of predictive maintenance via remote visual inspections ViewTech Borescopes experienced yet another month of record-breaking borescope sales. ViewTech highlights the addition of two of their newest clients adding a VJ-3 video borescope to their inspection tool kit during February 2020: Canadian Nuclear Laboratories of Chalk River, Ontario and Aviation Consultants Inc “ACI” Jet of San Luis Obispo, California.

ViewTech Borescopes recent product announcement of the VJ-3 dual camera video borescope has already improved the inspection capabilities for many of their clients. By allowing the inspection area to be viewed with both a dual forward view and side view camera module, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories knew this unit could improve their tank and pipe inspections. With CNL’s current video borescope not providing adequate lighting, ViewTech recommended the VJ-3 dual camera.

By not only drastically improving the quality of their nuclear facility inspection photos, the VJ-3 dual camera would also decrease inspection times. After trying a hands-on, no-cost demo, Canadian Nuclear finalized the purchase of three 6.0mm VJ-3 dual camera video borescope units. With insertion tube lengths of 3.0, 5.0 and 8.0 meters, their VJ-3 dual camera will be able to complete any required facility inspection.

ACI Jet, a global aviation company based in central California, provides aircraft management, charter, maintenance and ground support services as a multi-base fleet operator. After meeting ViewTech at NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition and having previous exposure to the VJ-3 2.8mm unit, their Lead Avionics Technician took advantage of the opportunity to demo the VJ-3 3.9mm x 1.5-meter video borescope. With a required inspection on the calendar, a VJ-3 video borescope demo arrived ahead of schedule. After completing the inspection with quality images, along with simple photo and video documentation, the decision to purchase a video borescope from ViewTech was simple. The VJ-3 demo verified this video borescope could uphold ACI’s required safety and compliance requirements.

VJ-3 Video Borescope

The VJ-3 mechanical articulating video borescope is a nondestructive testing instrument used for the remote visual inspection of machinery, equipment and components. The VJ-3 facilitates the visual recording and photo documentation of an inspection and components in areas that are otherwise inaccessible or require great effort and expense to access directly. The VJ-3 consists of two modules integrated into one system: an insertion tube with distally mounted camera/LEDs, and the base unit with control panel, LCD monitor, power source and all necessary circuitry.

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