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ViewTech Borescopes Gains Sales as Inspection Scope Demand Growth Continues

Video Borescope Trial Opportunity Allows Clients to Demo VJ-3 Without Purchase Obligation

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., – As countless industries have faced an economic crunch during the 2020 global pandemic, ViewTech Borescopes no-cost, no-obligation demo offer has allowed businesses to experience how a high-quality inspection video borescope can reduce inspection times, while improving inspection processes. Two of ViewTech Borescopes newest clients acquired during November business trialed the VJ-3 video borescope prior to ownership.

When the world’s largest food packaging company needed to replace their weld and pipe quality inspection tools, ViewTech Borescopes was contacted. With their Midwest facility taking part in ViewTech’s no-cost, no-obligation demo offer, the welding and quality assurance team quickly gained confidence in the industrial grade equipment investment. During the demo of a VJ-3 Dual Camera 6.0mm x 1.5-meter, it was determined that a longer insertion tube would be required and a total of five VJ-3 Dual Camera video borescopes with 3-meter insertion tubes were purchased and shipped. ViewTech VJ-3 video borescopes are now completing all weld integrity and foreign object debris (FOD) inspections.

A global fiber, resin, and intermediates company took advantage of ViewTech’s demo opportunity when one of their current inspection scopes required an expensive repair. With a VJ-3 3.9mm x 3.0-meter shipped to a Canadian production facility; they began field testing the video borescope between two different departments. Impressed by the performance of the VJ-3, along with ViewTech Borescopes lowest lifetime ownership and repair costs, the demo video borescope on site was purchased to continue remote visual inspections (RVI) and nondestructive testing (NDT).

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