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VJ-4 Download Images and Videos

ViewTech Borescopes VJ-4 Video Borescope Download Images and Video Instructional Video

ViewTech Borescopes VJ-4 Video Borescope Download Images and Video Instructional on YouTube

ViewTech’s VJ-4 video borescope provides cutting-edge image and video capturing technology utilized during inspections, maintenance, and quality control procedures. This video will demonstrate the 4 options available for downloading images and videos saved to the VJ-4 video borescope.
Each VJ-4 video borescope comes equipped with a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and an SD card with SD card reader. These accessories will be used to download your inspection images and videos to a computer or Android device.

First – the quickest method to download images and videos from the VJ-4 video borescope is with the SD Card and SD card reader. Start by removing the SD card from the borescope, then insert the SD card into the SD card reader. After removing the USB cover, stick the USB into the USB port. Once inserted, the computer will recognize the SD card and display the files with images and videos to view or download.
The following options utilize the USB cables and will require the SD card to remain in the borescope.

Using the USB-C to USB-C cable… first connect the cable with the computer before connecting with the USB-C port on the VJ-4. Once both devices are connected, the computer will recognize the borescope, allowing access to the images and videos through the file explorer.
If your computer is not equipped with a USB-C port, the same process applies when utilizing the USB-A to USB-C cable. Remember to always connect the cable to the computer prior to connecting to the VJ-4 video borescope.

Note – At times your computer might not always auto prompt the borescopes images and videos to display. To manually search, open the file explorer, locate “borescope” under “This PC” and double click to open.

In addition to downloading images and videos to a computer, images and videos can also be downloaded to an Android phone or tablet with the USB-C to USB-C cable. Just like downloading images to a computer, first connect the USB-C cable to the Android device, followed by connecting the cable to the VJ-4. The Android device automatically recognizes the VJ-4 borescope and displays the folders with images and videos that can be saved directly to the device.

If there are ever issues experienced connecting a device to the VJ-4 video borescope, the best remedy to fix the situation is to turn off both the device and borescope, turn them on and attempt the steps again.

However, based on your computer, its current operating system, and your company’s policy for connecting external devices, if these steps do not work, keep in mind you are still able to remove the SD card from the borescope and import images and videos directly with the SD card reader.

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