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VJ-4 Far Focus Video Borescope

ViewTech Borescopes VJ-4 Far Focus Video Borescope Video

ViewTech Borescopes VJ-4 Far Focus Video Borescope for sale Video on YouTube

As the leading provider of articulating video borescopes in North America, ViewTech Borescopes now offers the VJ-4 Far Focus mechanical articulating video borescope. The VJ-4 video borescope combines cutting-edge imaging technology with an intuitive user interface, striking the perfect balance between performance and design. Providing access through the narrowest passageways, the VJ-Far Focus video borescope allows internal visualization of unattainable inspection areas.

Technicians in a variety of industries find the Far Focus VJ-4 video borescope the best option to inspect equipment, components, and sub-assemblies. With an illumination output of 70,000 LUX, the Far Focus video borescope offers illumination more than 3x brighter than the standard 6.0mm video borescope. In addition, the VJ-4 Far Focus is equipped to see clearly beyond the normally short focal distances of standard industrial borescopes with a greater focal distance.

The VJ-4 Far Focus video borescope is available with an insertion tube diameter of 6.0-millimeters and lengths of 1.5 or 3 meters. With both image and video capturing capabilities, 360-degree articulation and an automatic locking joystick, the convenience ViewTech’s video borescope provides will save time and money.

Some features that set the VJ-4 apart from other borescopes include industry-first mini-joysticks – allowing access all menus and adjustment of all settings – ; a 5.5” OLED touchscreen display, on-screen image markup and annotation; an intuitive on-board image and video filing system; WiFi connectivity; reference measurement, and HD camera resolution. The VJ-4 is one of the most advanced video borescopes on the market – there is simply nothing else quite like it.

The best way to experience the VJ-4 far focus video borescope is with our free in-hands demo program. Call to speak with one of our knowledgeable video borescope experts and we will help find the best borescope for your inspection needs. You will quickly realize why ViewTech Borescopes is the number one seller of video borescopes in North America.

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