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AMT 40 Under 40

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October, 2021
Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the AMT 40 Under 40 Maintenance Professionals Awards. It is their love, passion and respect for the industry that keeps aviation strong, exciting and above all else – safe. The winners come from all segments of the industry, just like the segments we feature in each issue of Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Whether they come from general aviation, business aviation, antique aircraft, rotocraft, military, airline, education, executive management, or maintenance, these individuals have one thing in common – high standards and a drive to do the very best for this industry.

AMT 40 Under 40

Zack Wessels joined ViewTech Borescopes in 2014 as a sales representative serving the needs of users across a wide range of industries. Within a short period of time, however, his interest in aircraft-specific borescope applications led him to pursue a months-long self-study program to learn everything he could about the unique needs of AMTs and aircraft OEM and component manufacturers. He is now the senior sales consultant at ViewTech and the go-to person when it comes to solving the most difficult aviation borescope inspection challenges.

Sean O’Connor, General Manager of ViewTech Borescopes nominated Wessels for the award. “For Zack, delivering outstanding customer service is absolutely essential to success in the aviation industry,” noted O’Connor.

“Keeping an aircraft flying safely, around the clock and in the most extreme environmental conditions, requires so many variables to align perfectly, it still amazes me how well aircraft operators pull it off,” noted Wessels. “There is so much at stake, purely from a safety standpoint, every time an aircraft lifts off the ground, and yet 99 percent of the general public takes it for granted. That in itself is a testament to the quality of the professionals that keep everything working smoothly. To be able to service this industry with a product that makes the job easier for the engineers and technicians on the front lines is just incredibly rewarding to me.”

“Zack has hundreds of clients in every corner of the aviation industry, from avionics to zeppelins, and each of his customers knows that he can be reached 24/7 if needed,” noted O’Connor. “Zack also logs thousands of miles annually in service of the aviation industry and is a well-known presence at several aviation-related tradeshows, including NBAA, NAAA, Heli-Expo and MRO Americas.”

“I have met some really great people in this industry over the past several years, and I look forward to continuing to do my part to the very best of my ability,” commented Wessels.

In addition to helping AMTs and directors of maintenance with the tools they need to inspect turbines, airframes, landing gear, etc., Wessels has built a network of contacts he can connect and let them help each other. As for the future, Wessels says he will continue to dive deeper into the aviation industry and earning the word “Consultant” in his job title with every interaction. “When I can deliver valuable information and tools quickly, everybody wins,” he said.

2021 AMT 40 under 40

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