The Importance

Of Quality Control

The Importance of Quality Control

In the current climate for many industries, quality is king. With endless competitors, a company’s success is based on who can provide the highest-quality product at the most reasonable price. Having a quality control plan in place is crucial for any industrial business looking to deliver products that exceed the expectations of their customers. Additionally, quality control is a surefire way to minimize downtime and operate as efficiently as possible.

Without proper quality control, there would be a drastic increase in products or parts needed to be scrapped, reworked, or completely reordered. Consider the metal casting industry. Without a quality control plan in place to ensure that molded parts are thoroughly inspected, faulty parts would constantly need to be re-casted, wasting time and money. Proper quality control plans, many involving internal inspections by video borescopes, give professionals confidence that they are producing the highest-quality casted parts.

The aviation industry also requires extreme precision and quality. Would you feel comfortable flying in a plane that had not gone through a series of intense quality checks? Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) teams have strict quality checks in place and use tools such as videoscopes to inspect every inch of the aircraft. Video borescopes check inside the turbine engine to confirm that blades are free of corrosion and cracks. They also provide photo and video evidence of the condition of internal components such as airframes or flap tracks. A quality control plan complete with internal inspections in the aviation industry is essential.

More Industries

In the chemical processing and food and beverage industries, quality control is the difference between a successful business and one that could potentially be shut down. Without a plan in place to make sure that pipes are free of cracks and foreign object debris (FOD), the safety of food and beverage products can be greatly compromised. Internally inspecting pipes and other parts involved in chemical processing applications, especially where consumable goods are concerned isn’t just a good idea – it’s a necessary one.

Many other industries, such as power generation, manufacturing, and oil and gas, all have quality control plans and use preventative and corrective maintenance to make sure that all machines and parts are utilized in the most effective and efficient way possible. Video borescopes are a necessary tool to have in one’s arsenal to ensure that quality checks are being completed from the inside out.

Improve Quality Control using the VJ-3 Borescope

When a company in any industry wants to ensure their customer’s trust and save time and money while doing so, having a thorough quality control policy that includes internal inspections is a top priority. Information on the VJ-3 video borescope, an ideal videoscope for quality control, can be found here. Contact a ViewTech Borescope expert today to talk through your specific inspection application.

Companies with applications ideally suited for video borescopes can test drive the VJ-3 at their facility, on their equipment, and on their time.

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