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Turbine Inspection Solar Turbine Taurus 60

Recent advances in natural gas exploration and extraction technology have led to skyrocketing projections of the amount of recoverable natural gas within US borders. This energy boom will result in the expanded use of gas-fired power plants to provide electricity to US homes and businesses over the coming decades. Not only does this mean cleaner and more abundant energy for the US environment and economy, it also points toward an increase in business opportunities for those involved in the construction, maintenance and repair of the turbine generators that serve as the heart of gas-fired power plants.

While automotive industry applications for the VJ-3 2.8mm. 3.9mm, and 6.0mm video borescope are nearly unlimited, in the following case study, the View Tech 3.9mm borescope was used to save an auto repair technician after a mishap that could happen to anyone. After this tech used a breaker bar to remove a spark plug on a Chrysler 3.8 L V6 engine, examination of the plug revealed that its ceramic body had been cracked and tiny pieces were missing. While some of the pieces were found on the cylinder head plug seat, only a visual inspection of the combustion chamber could determine whether any shards had fallen in through the spark plug hole.

The VJ-3 video borescope is an ideal choice for technicians who service turbines of any size, for any application. The Solar Turbine Taurus series is one of the most popular turbines ever produced. In this case study, you can see for yourself how ViewTech Borescopes delivers outstanding image quality during a routine inspection of a Taurus 60, quickly and easily providing critical information about the condition of this workhorse turbine.

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