Value of Borescopes For Power Plants

ROI and Value of Borescopes for Power Plants

Investing in any sort of maintenance or inspection tool for power plants is a big purchasing decision. With the VJ-3 video borescope, you’ll find that the value and ROI far exceed any doubt that comes with a buying decision.

The VJ-3 Increases Reliability and Availability

In today’s competitive market place, power plants must operate under reduced operation and maintenance budgets while maintaining high reliability and availability. Early detection of equipment faults and subsequent maintenance planning can reduce costs while maximizing availability. Our articulating video borescopes can handle the rigors of just about any environment and are a useful and cost-effective information source for equipment fault prediction and diagnosis that in the long run can help you meet plant availability goals while reducing costs.

Own Your Own Even if You Outsource

An application for a borescope could come up at any moment in a power generating facility. Having a VJ-3 onsite saves hours of teardown, troubleshooting, outages and corrective maintenance, easily allowing you to see wear or damage to equipment and stay ahead of the game. The VJ-3 articulating video borescope is a quick, easy and cost-effective tool for troubleshooting and increasing and improving equipment reliability and uptime.

Return On Investment

Whether you’re dealing with rotating or fixed equipment, you want your components to last as long as possible and perform efficiently. An investment in a borescope will help keep you ahead of the damage game and ahead of repairs, whether you’re dealing with planned preventative maintenance, an outage to meet mandatory industry regulations, or day-to-day troubleshooting.

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