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Guide Tube Video Borescope Inspection Options

ViewTech Borescopes Guide Tube Options Video

Borescope Guide Tube Inspection Options Video on YouTube

Video Borescope Guide Tube Options

ViewTech Borescopes feature joystick-controlled articulation and are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. However, with many access points and inspection areas difficult to reach with the flexible insertion tube of a ViewTech video borescope, as a resource for our clients ViewTech Borescopes offers a selection of guide tubes, centering devices, and rigidizers to assist with your remote visual inspections.

Synflex Dekabon guide tubing is made from an exterior layer of polyethylene and interior layer of aluminum. This lightweight composite tubing is both rigid and flexible. ViewTech Borescopes has Synflex guide tubing available in several diameters and any desired length to meet your inspection requirements. Synflex tubing is easy to bend without requiring special tools, maintains its shape, and is easy to cut with a standard utility knife.

However, keep in mind, if too much pressure is placed on the tubing, it can bend or close off, preventing the insertion tube from entering or passing through the area that has been kinked. Synflex guide tube can reach inspection targets that have complex bends, twists and turns, and can even help your insertion tube work against gravity. Borescope guide tube can also protect your insertion tube when inspecting tight spaces, where foreign objects could damage the insertion tube or when placed in dirty or contaminated areas.

With many of our clients completing MRO for the aviation industry, ViewTech Borescopes also carries a selection of PT-6 guide tubes for your Pratt & Whitney engine inspections. These stainless-steel guide tubes are precisely crafted to complete a corkscrew maneuver and will fall naturally when inserting it into the PT6 inspection area. ViewTech Borescopes carries the most popular PT6 engine guide tubes for sale and allow visual access to difficult locations inside a Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines.

Centering Devices are placed on the distal tip of the borescope, allowing the inspection camera, lights, and insertion tube to stay above the base of the inspection passageway. ViewTech Borescopes offers 3 different sizes of centering devices: ¾” of an inch, an inch and ¾, as well as 2 and ¾ inches. Our centering devices are easy to install on your video borescope, allowing a wider viewing angle and helping to protect your camera lens from debris that rests at the base of your inspection area. Common applications where centering devices are utilized include orbital weld, piping, and tubing inspections.

Rigidizers for borescopes are commonly utilized when the video borescopes flexible insertion tube must be stabilized to reach an inspection access point that spans a gap, when the inspection area is large or if the borescope must reach a precise inspection area straight ahead. By feeding the end of the insertion tube through the stainless-steel rigid tube, the flexible articulating borescope becomes a temporary rigid scope with articulating tip.

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