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NBAA BACE Day 1 Keynote Presentation

The 2023 NBAA|BACE Conference kicked off with opening comments from an energetic Ed Bolen – President & CEO of the National Business Aviation Association. Mr. Bolen began by announcing a brand new public advocacy campaign Climbing Fast.

Air Charter Brokers & Part 295: Five Years Later

In September 2018, the Department of Transportation issued their first ruling on air charter brokers. This ruling saw initial upset and uneasiness within the field of private air charter – leaving many to wonder how these new regulations would impact the industry.

Formulating, Implementing and Refining SMS Policies for your Operation

The NBAA Safety Committee is one of the leading forces for promoting safety and process improvements within the aviation industry. The committee is broken up into four teams, each oriented around a specific component of safety policy.

In-Flight Lithium-Ion Battery Fires: 2023 Edition

This safety panel, headed by FAA representative Ben Supko, sought to dispel common myths and misunderstandings about lithium-ion battery fires – as well as highlighting the proper procedures for managing these incidents when they occur.

Top Ten Things Owners Should Know When Registering Aircraft With the FAA

Scott McCreary and David Norton headed a panel on registering aircraft with the FAA – using their decades of knowledge and background as aviation lawyers to give clarity on a number of topics pertaining to the registration process.

NBAA BACE Day 2 Keynote Presentation

Day Two of the NBAA|BACE expo kicked off with a round of opening comments from President Ed Bolen – who both lauded the results of the first day of the conference, and promised even more excitement and opportunity was in store.

Sustainability, Safety, Aircraft Values and Comfort: How a Certified Pre-Owned Program Addresses All and More

In the last two decades, the market for pre-owned aircraft has grown from a niche into a mature, legitimate industry.

Aircraft Leasing Regulations: Avoiding Illegal Charters

The FAA is cracking down on policy enforcement – particularly when it comes to the topic of air charter leases. For operations conducted under 14 CFR Parts 91 and 135, the FAA has outlined specific definitions pertaining to the owner and operator of an aircraft.

Confidently Make Decisions to Elevate Your Career

Twenty-year aviation hospitality veteran Heidi Cole shared several insights from her traveling motivational speaking series, Confidence in the Air. Throughout her panel, she spoke about the importance of “honoring oneself” in your career through the act of confident decision making.

Choose Aerospace: Developing Technician Career Pipelines

As the aviation industry continues to develop and expand, the need for quality aircraft maintenance technicians grows along with it. Choose Aerospace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to grow the availability of new, certified aircraft mechanics – and is doing so by investing in the next generation of technicians.

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